ECHS Resource Guide Table of Contents

Background Information
•  Map of Texas Early College High Schools
•  Texas High School Project Overview
•  Overview of Early College High School in Texas
•  Texas Enabling and Supportive Legislation
•  Texas Education Agency Commissioner's Rules Concerning Early College Education Program
•  Jobs for the Future Overview of Early College High School
•  Six Years of Early College Lessons Learned: How our Thinking has Changed (or has it?)
•  Speaking the Language: Dual Credit
•  P-16 Programs Glossary of Terms
•  Closing the Gaps: The Texas Higher Education Plan

ECHS Model
•  Early College High School Core Principles
•  Texas Education Agency ECHS Program Requirements
•  Early College Design Elements
•  The Early College High School Concept: Requisites for Success
•  Countdown to Opening
•  The Early College High School Initiative: Overview and FAQ
•  UPCS Design Principle Summary
•  Planning & Conducting School Visits

In The Classroom
•  Defining Rigor in High School: Framework and Assessment Tool
•  College Credit in High School: Increasing College Attainment Rates for Underrepresented Students
•  What We Must Do to Create A System That Prepares Students for College Success
•  Teaching Early College High School at LaGuardia Community College
•  The Transition to College: Diverse Students, Diverse Stories
•  Empowering Students: How Georgia College Early College Changes Student Aspirations
•  Redesigning Our High Schools - Teacher Practice
•  Academic Interventions to Help Struggling Students
•  Gaining Traction, Gaining Ground: How Some High Schools Accelerate Learning for Struggling Students
•  A Basic Guide for Houston Community College Instructors Teaching Challenge Early College High School Students
•  Teaching and Learning in the Multigrade Classroom: Student Performance and Instructional Routines
•  Collaboration on Campus: Teaching Rural High School Students through College Methods Classes
•  Degree Plan Template

Culture & Leadership
•  Creating a College-Going Culture Guide
•  Social Support An Essential Ingredient to Success
•  Activity Form - Leveraging Postsecondary Partners to Build a College Going Culture
•  Leveraging Postsecondary Partners to Build a College-Going Culture
•  The Right To Learn: Why Factory Model Schools Do Not Work, Ten Features of Effective School Design
•  Redesigning Our High Schools - School Culture
•  Small Schools, Real Gains
•  No Rim, All Hoop
•  Developing an ECHS Principal Job Description

Finance & Operation
•  Shared Services for Rural and Small Schools
•  Learning By Degree: Real-life Stories From Three Early College High Schools
•  Establishing A High School On A College Campus
•  The School-Within-a-School Model
•  Five CCESSN Areas Of Autonomy
•  TEA Guidance for Early College High Schools: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
•  What is the Cost of Planning and Implementing Early College High Schools?
•  Developing a Budget for Early College High School
•  The Right To Learn: Why Factory Model Schools Do Not Work, Budget and Staffing Models
•  Return on Investment in Early College High Schools

Awareness & Support
•  10 Principles of Authentic Community Engagement
•  A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement
•  Tips for Making Presentations to School Boards
•  Strategic Community Engagement: A Resource Guide
•  To a Higher Degree: Real-life Stories of Progress in Four Early College High Schools